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VSSL — Jim Wolfe’s Confidence Formula

VSSL — Jim Wolfe's Confidence FormulaCLICK IMAGE TO VISIT SITEHave you ever held yourself back from doing something you wanted to do because you were afraid of what other people might think?

Do you ever think there might be something fundamentally wrong with you and you don’t know what it is?

…Like once you get a new car, get a degree, get a promotion, get into a relationship, or win a championship that THEN you’ll be "good enough?"

I even carried around a dull pain in my gut every day for years that I actually thought was normal…until I got rid of it.

However, first, did you know that the #1 BIGGEST regret people have at the end of their lives is that they lived the way everyone else thought they should instead of the way they really wanted to live?

Well, what if you felt completely free to live the way you want instead of living in constant fear of judgment?

What if you were able to say what you mean without putting anyone down or worrying about being attacked?

Wouldn’t it be amazing to stop feeling like there might be something wrong with you or that something is missing in your life?

How awesome would it be if you truly stopped worrying so much about what other people think about you and you felt completely comfortable out in the world?

How great would it be if you could make yourself feel good any time you want without needing any particular thing to happen or anyone else to come along and make you feel better?

What would it mean for you if you could truly accept yourself and the world around you and still continue to get better?

Well, you absolutely can live the way you want, say what you want, feel like nothing is missing, and feel that nothing is wrong with you. Without ignoring reality, lying to yourself, or killing your motivation to improve yourself and the world.

And, ironically, you achieve MORE when you live this way because you’re be able to take more risks, make more mistakes, and learn from them more quickly.

The good news is that both of those obstacles have the same solution and I’m going to tell you all about it in just a minute…

In fact, researchers at the University of Michigan have discovered that "social rejection" fires off the same neurons in our brains as being physically punched in the face…

The problem is that our completely normal, natural drive to seek approval and be part of a group can sometimes keep you from doing what makes you happy.

The great news is that you can learn to give yourself all the approval you’ll ever need, without lying to yourself or ignoring reality, even if you’ve been struggling with this for decades…

…and then you can take that skill and start providing opportunities for other people to "fit in" with YOU.

How good would you feel if not only did you "fit in" to a social group that is perfect for you, you’re one of the LEADERS of that group…

…And you’re so secure and comfortable with yourself that you can give a lot of other people the approval they are so desperately seeking and eventually teach them to approve of themselves too?

Imagine how free you feel when you truly never need anyone else’s approval yet you get even MORE support from the exact people who are supposed to be in your life.

And imagine how fulfilled you feel when you have such an overflowing cup that you can be extremely giving and help others without ever hurting yourself…

Now, this is not one of those "everyone gets a medal for participating," "pie-in-the-sky," "fake positivity," "self-esteem movement" kind of ideas…

Luckily, feeling good about yourself in a real way consistently despite your imperfections and shortcomings is a skill you can learn.

And you can do it without turning into an arrogant jerk, pretending not to care, or ignoring all the ways you could improve yourself.

In fact, according to a University of Wisconsin study, you actually improve MORE when you focus on what you’re doing right. So don’t worry about that.

Not only does learning this skill clearly benefit you every single day of your life, it also has a huge positive impact on everyone around you.

Yet, unfortunately, most people NEVER learn this critical skill no matter how "successful" or "saintly" they are…

The problem is that basing your self-worth on "success" or anything else external to you instead of learning this skill is not a winning strategy because it will never be enough.

While true confidence makes you more successful, success doesn’t necessarily make you more self-assured.

In fact, lots of celebrities, wealthy people, popular people, people who post happy photos of their "perfect" relationship on social media, and even so-called "gurus" lack the most basic foundation of genuine confidence…

Maybe you can relate…I was the exact same way before I learned what I’m about to share with you today.

See, achievements, new levels of fame, pay increases, helping people, and buying nice things can make you feel good about yourself for a while, but like any drug, the feeling fades away quickly and then you need more just to feel normal.

And, if you have deep regrets over your past decisions and actions, they can weigh you down for years even though you can’t change the past. This kind of regret can actually prevent you from growing and correcting your past mistakes so you don’t repeat them in the future.

If you believe there is something fundamentally wrong with you as a person, it destroys your self-worth no matter what you do. And this level of shame tries to convince you that you are a fundamentally unworthy person even though that’s not true…

…Maybe someone did something to you or something happened to you and you interpreted it as a message that you’re not… Read more…

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