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The Daily Goal Machine – Increase Productivity & Get Things Done

The Daily Goal Machine - Increase Productivity & Get Things DoneCLICK IMAGE TO VISIT SITEOK, in just a moment, on the page below, we’re going to reveal to you a simple system you can begin using today – right now – that will teach you how to avoid procrastination and increase productivity.

This system is so effective that it will let you to reclaim more hours in your day, more days in your week, and more weeks in your year – easily.

If you’re the sort of person who looks back at the end of each day and wonders where did all those hours go, and why haven’t you accomplished anything, or if you need procrastination help, then this is the perfect solution for you.

This system can help you with the boring, day-to-day tasks you have to do (e.g. dealing with emails, catching up with the news, even eating or taking the dog for a walk), as well as the larger, more important project activities (e.g. marketing campaigns, new product development).

As somebody who turned procrastination into an art form ("I even put my procrastinating off until tomorrow" used to be my motto!), I can vouch for how good a daily time management tool this is to help me focus on whatever the task at hand is.

So, now that you’re ready to find out the three simple steps you need to take to learn how to stop procrastinating and get stuff done, read on …

Everything literally includes anything and everything, from writing, creating content, planning your next project, reading and answering your email, running an advertising campaign, balancing your checkbook, cold-calling prospects, going for a walk, relaxing at your hobby, or maybe just some quiet time to contemplate life.

This can be anywhere from 15 minutes to 2 hours, although research has shown that the most effective duration is no more than 30 minutes without a break or a change.

You must be really strict here, because this means you don’t answer the phone, you don’t check your emails every few minutes, you don’t get up for a drink, you don’t log on to Facebook – none of that stuff. You remain focused solely on the task-at-hand!

We guarantee that when you follow these three simple steps, every single day, your ability to get things done, as well as your entire life, will be completely revolutionised!

I never thought I’d be saying this, but even for a die-hard procrastinator like me, it’s as though a switch has suddenly been turned on and you feel compelled to keep working until your allotted time is up – and if you’ve not finished the task, you just want to continue until you’re done (which, of course, you mustn’t do – when your time is up, that’s it, for now, because that’s how this time-boxing thing works).

We encourage you to take another look at those three little steps, let them sink in and percolate, and you’ll soon begin to see the sheer genius in both the structure and purpose behind them.

We’re not saying this to boast – we can’t, because we’re not the people who developed this system. We’re saying it because we really believe it, and because it really works.

Well, we have to confess that we’re no psychologists, so we can’t tell you for sure why this system works so well, but what we can do is share with you what effect using it has on our brains in order to practically compel it to want to take action on a consistent basis.

As we see it, there are three key elements involved here that make this such an effective strategy to overcome procrastination and getting stuff done, day in and day out:

Our brains love goals, and it doesn’t matter if they’re big or small, because our brains have evolved over time to be the ultimate goal-seeking machines. When you give your brain a goal, it will immediately spring into action, trying to find ways to achieve it.

Once your brain has been given a goal to achieve, a deadline is the clarion call that motivates it to act! And it turns out too that the closer the deadline is, and the less time you have to do what you need to do, the more revved up your brain gets – it just loves a challenge.

Instead of accepting the inevitability of an unproductive day, because all you can see before you is an overwhelming, out-of-control, homogenous mass of "stuff to do", this system forces you to break everything down into smaller and more manageable chunks.

You can then see each of these chunks as discrete pieces of work that are doable, and this in turn gives you the belief that you will accomplish these tasks, one by one – with ease. Our belief systems drive us, and when you believe you can do something, you will actually do it!

The interesting thing is that when these three elements come together, they create a synergy that utterly transforms the way you look at all the things you have to do – both emotionally and psychologically.

This effect is so strong, that after you’ve used the system for a relatively short while, it almost becomes addictive – you just want to take action.

And that’s certainly an addiction we can live with very happily – especially after years of wondering how to overcome procrastination!

While this system is incredibly powerful, when you start using it every single day, you begin to notice a few irritations that sort of get in the way and make you feel like it could be even more effective than it already is. For example:

Now, while we have direct personal experience of using this system, and can vouch for how effective it is, we knew that there would be many other people out there, like us and like you, that could benefit from it as well.

However, we also realised that some of these minor annoyances would undoubtedly get in the way of using the system to… Read more…

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