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Sales PageCLICK IMAGE TO VISIT SITEAs a young, ‘curvy’ and responsible mother I was searching for a way to express my responsible and mature body image to those younger mothers in the neighborhood that would help me in socializing with such peer group. The Curvy Chic Program was a godsend! The Curvy Chic Program is not just another diet group; the Curvy Chic Program taught me to feel good about my natural and healthy body, as it is, rather than what I’d like it to be. The program taught me that the first person who had to accept me, was me! With that understanding fully grasped the living of a healthier and happier lifestyle came much easier.

I have struggled with feeling good about my body image all of my adult life and ‘stress eating’ was a well-developed pattern that brought a rising of the numbers on the scale while simultaneously lowering my self-esteem. I hated the thought of having to go to shop for clothing as nothing fit ‘right’ or ‘felt comfortable.’ Then, I found the Curvy Chic Program which ‘rocked my world!’ I learned what fashion styles work best for my body in the present and began the learning of how to eat healthy. Now when I look in the mirror at the fashion style that the Curvy Chic Woman Program taught would be best for me I feel much more self-confident and want to lose weight in order to look even better

The unhappiness of a recent divorce carried great weight on my once happy and naturally ‘curvy’ life with the tangible results of that weight showing in the numbers on the bathroom scale. My life was taking a dramatic slide into negative feelings to what once was a very happy and satisfied life. When I came across the Curvy Chic Program I began to re-learn how to love who I am. The Curvy Chic Program and the meeting of similar curvy and chic women provided the positive affirmations necessary for feeling beautiful and sexually attractive again by way of learning how to better utilize clothing fashions for my pear shaped body!

In my chosen vocation as a full-time, freelance writer the desk duty is a dominant part of the workdays. Food, by way of snacks and sugary beverages, became the motivator to spark the creative juices within. This type of eating habit was causing me to feel like the ‘ugly duckling’ amongst my slimmer friends. The answer I first accepted was to ignore the problem of my body shape and ‘reasoned’ that it was simply not possible to love myself. My confidence, which is so essential to success in the communications profession, was in a free fall because of such decision. When I discovered and enrolled in the Curvy Chic Program my confidence level zoomed upward with tips and advice on fashions, eating healthy snacks, and how to find time for exercise. The support I received through the Curvy Chic Program changed how I see my body and became the new motivation for living and loving all parts of my life not just the desk duty.

My working life is all about feeling proud of being a plus size. You see, I work as a plus-size model! While I put on a good show of feeling good about my body on the fashion runway, I do find it difficult to keep my head up in a world that caters to my slim and ‘skinny’ female peers. I am disappointed and discouraged that the fashions I model will take a lot more digging to unearth than the seemingly endless smaller sizes that are so ‘celebrated’ in so many retail stores. I was fortunate to find the Curvy Chic Program that keeps us curvy women empowered to feel beautiful no matter the size of our body. The program does not bully anyone to starvation diets or spending time and dollars at gyms. It simply is a program that helped me to put one foot in front of the other with slow and steady gait to be the best woman I can be! I work within the fashion industry that subtly speaks to me that I am too big so it is blessing to be part of the Curvy Chic community of women that says I am perfect as I am.

While I love my days as a nurse helping people to stay healthy and safe I often ended my shift feeling inadequate with my own self due to the weight I carried on my body frame and uninspired to do for myself what I, in words, tell others to do. I have found it hard to love myself as much as I love and care for other people. For me, it seemed impossible to change and make better choices this late in my life. After I discovered the Curvy Chic Program I realized it is never too late to change and feel better. The program is less about changing the physical outward appearance of me but instead focuses on an inner makeover. I never feel overwhelmed in this Program and always come away with a deeper appreciation and acceptance of myself through the compassionate advice given. The type of compassion I know so well in serving as a nurse. I became motivated to eat healthier and become more active in living life beyond simply giving immunizations, meds, and taking temperatures. I feel and look better than I ever did and owe heartfelt gratitude to the Curvy Chic Program.

As a strong and independent woman with plenty of lovable curves I have always shunned those diet plans and programs that appear to encourage and / or suggest that women should lose weight simply to look good for men or other people. My main concern is my own personal health and why I whole-heartedly support the mission of the Curvy Chic Program! With the support I received through the Curvy Chic Program I have met a strong community… Read more…

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