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Network Pickup: Guide to Picking up Women on Facebook

Network Pickup: Guide to Picking up Women on FacebookCLICK IMAGE TO VISIT SITENow I’m not showing you this to impress you but rather to show you that it’s possible for even the shyest most insecure guy to get girls when he knows what he’s doing.

When you over think everything you want to say when you want to talk to a woman…And it all comes out wrong?

When you feel crippled by the fear of rejection and you just can’t seem to get that first date, let alone get her into bed or become her boyfriend.

Sometimes I wondered if I had some kind of female repellent on me because it really felt like that sometimes.

My chat up lines went down like lead balloons, I found myself paralysed with fear, like a deer in the headlights when talking to a woman, and I found myself alone and frustrated on many nights with nothing but my left hand for company.

All I could see everywhere were my friends hooking up with girls, left, right and centre and I couldn’t take it anymore.

Around that time…I was out on a run one day and was finding it hard to keep on going. My legs were giving out…

With some serious effort…I managed to push past that Struggle and run farther than I have ever ran before.

At that moment…Somewhere deep in my heart, I knew I had to push past the pain and discomfort that was holding me back from meeting women and having love and sex in my life.

So I began studying everything I could find about personal development…Learning from all the greats.

So long story short…After countless hours of listening and reading self help books I started to see changes.

I started dating a lot and I loved it, found a new confidence that always alluded me before and cracked the code on getting girls to like me, go out with me, and yes, sleep with me, and it all seemed effortless.

After looking at the success I was having, guys started asking me for advice…Looking for my secrets.

Hot women that normally blow you out of the water on a dating site will welcome you with open arms on Facebook.

They will be ready and willing to date you, sleep with you and be your girlfriend, if that’s what you’re after.

Most guys end up posting the kind of content and profiles that send hot looking women running to the hills on Facebook.

And that’s such a pity cause there are literally thousands of females for you to choose from in your area.

I realized 5 years ago I could transfer the techniques I was using offline to  get women, to an online format like Facebook and magnify the results I was getting.

Instead of approaching one or two girls in a bar at night or in a coffee shop and getting a handful of dates, I could make contact with hundreds of women simultaneously using my specialized techniques and have the pick of the bunch when it comes to getting dates with beautiful women.

You can be setting up one date after another with stunning beauties in your PJ’s as you sit by the computer at home.

And you won’t have to venture out of the house or spend your hard earned money in a night club or on dinner.

All you have to do is employ the exact tactics I teach you that have worked wonders for guys and sit back and watch the offers and attention come rolling in.

Inside you’ll discover everything you need to turn your Facebook account into a magnet for attracting wonderful women instantly that you can set up dates with…

The six little known essential elements you must have in place before you even attempt using Facebook to attract women. Without having all of these in your Facebook game, you are doomed to failure before you even begin. And Here’s the good news… they are quick and easy to put in place.

The really juicy secret to generating incredible amounts of curiosity and desire in a woman that will have her chomping a bit to be with you while you barely have to try at all.

How to become a Facebook superstar that attracts women like honey to bees by doing the exact opposite to what most guys do when trying to get girls on Facebook

The pure magic technique of getting women chasing after you on Facebook. Getting them asking you out…All while you sit back and try to decide who the hottest girl is you want to be dating.

Grow your network of friends effortlessly and widen the net to bag all the  potential girls you can attract.

Put up a profile picture that will catch women’s attention and have them jumping into your net like fish in Macreal season.

Message women the right way to create instant attraction…close the deal without breaking a sweat….and set up one date after another…

… When it comes to getting girls to like you and date you, most guides out there today are  full of cheap one liners and techniques they say will get you laid.

The truth is, women are not stupid and they can see when we are using a worn out tactic a mile off or acting in a way that is not congruent with who you are.

Sure I’ll give you specifics on how to send messages that put you in prime position to attract women but here’s the difference between me and other so called “dating gurus”.

When you use these pillars in every communication on Facebook,  your attraction levels will go through the roof.

This is the truly incredible thing about this method compared to all the other dating guides on the market today.

Facebook can be there working away in the background, advertising you to women all over the site while… Read more…

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