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Learn Elite Secrets of Male Stamina – The Forbidden Arabian Sex Secret

Learn Elite Secrets of Male Stamina – The Forbidden Arabian Sex SecretCLICK IMAGE TO VISIT SITEDo you want to be able to make love to your wife or lover as long as you want? Without fear and embarrassment of premature ejaculation? To be the type of husband or lover your woman boasts about to her female friends? To stay strong, erect, and going steady for an hour or more, consistently lasting long enough to “get her to the finish line” multiple times? Without pills, Without sensation stealing creams, In a practical easy to learn way?

You will learn how, but first I’m going to tell you a story. Maybe one you can relate to. You see, it’s a story of a man I know very, very, well.

I was typical. A nice guy, I loved the woman in my life, and wanted to give her the gift of ultimate pleasure. But couldn’t, because I couldn’t last long enough.

All my life I was looking for the “right one“. That “special” girl to share my life with. Eventually I met an amazing girl and I thought she was the one. I was smitten. She was sexy, vivacious, and funny, different from all the other girls.. or so I thought. We were just friends at first, but deep down inside she had a thing for me. She could have gotten any guy around her fingers, the jocks, the buff and popular party guys, the frat boys, and the rich boys with their Lexuses and BMWs around campus.

Wouldn’t you know it, like a dream come true, I was the guy that she wanted. Ordinary me. And just like girls do, she was dropping hints all over the place, hints I was too blind to see at first. Tons of hints that I was too dense to pick up on until it was staring me in my face.

One night we were hanging out alone, and it just started happening. One thing led to another. Before I knew, we were both making out, then clothes started coming off, and finally my dreams were about to come true. There she was in all her glory, just lying there passionate, lusty, open and begging for it.

Sadly this dream became a nightmare for me. It would be the start of a very humiliating period of my life. To my shock and horror, when it came time to actually do it, I wilted like week old vase of flowers left out on a hot July day. The opportune moment came, and the opportune moment went. And that “opportune moment” never came again. Because she moved on. But I didn’t.

For the next 10 years my intimate life got worse and worse. Sometimes I could keep it going a little longer, but most of the time the pressure and frustration made it all over before it could even begin. But I knew there had to be more.

You see the movies, the porn videos, you hear those stories of guys who can keep going like the Energizer Bunny. Why can’t that be me?

I knew it couldn’t just be fantasy; just a big “blah” disappointment, a set-up for failure. No, I knew in my heart and gut there had to be more. There have to be more than spending the rest of my life disappointing women and myself, and feeling inadequate about it.

There had to be more than barely lasting two or three minutes; then gazing at the look of pity mixed with disappointment in the eyes of a pretty face that just a few minutes before all but adored me.

There had to be more to making love. To love and sex, to dating and hookups, to finding the right girl, then disappointing her and myself over and over.

And then there’s marriage! If I ever got married, how could I expect my wife to be faithful to me when I couldn’t even give her what she needed in bed?

I was miserable, depressed, and angry. I was pissed off ! Angry at women, angry at society and its stupid expectations, but most of all angry at myself.

I made a commitment to myself, I made a promise. A promise that I would discover the secrets to mastering my male sexuality lasting long enough to not only satisfy the woman I was with, whether she was a hookup, or steady girlfriend, or even someday my wife and life partner. I promised myself that I would overcome my disappointment, and learn the the secrets to satisfying myself.

To regain my feeling like a man who can pleasure and satisfy any woman. To become a man who is a good lover.

This commitment led me on a journey, a journey that led me to discovering the secret that I’m about to share with you – that is to say if you’re the type of guy who knows an opportunity when he sees it. The type of guy with the balls to defy socially acceptable programming, to spit in the face of the Matrix, take that red pill, and see the truth for what it really is.

I found what I was searching for in the most unlikely places, centuries old books from the middle of the Arabian Desert!

You see, in University I studied “Oriental Studies” – a fancy title for Middle East languages and culture before the media redefined the word “Oriental” to mean “The Far East”. I studied these languages and history because I wanted a Foreign Affairs career in the DC Beltway, you know, exciting International Affairs, Oil Politics, getting shot at, and all that. Well international affairs and politics didn’t suit me, and I went into other things. But even though I didn’t go for a career in international affairs, I remained fascinated by this amazingly misunderstood place.

The Middle East has many mysteries. Few people realize it has a very long established forbidden tradition of the Sexual Arts. Most people would never know this, with… Read more…

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