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Get the Good Guy Guide Now — Dating Advice for Men Who Love Women

Get the Good Guy Guide Now — Dating Advice for Men Who Love WomenCLICK IMAGE TO VISIT SITEAnd that if a woman is even a little bit attracted to you when she first meets you, your behavior is what determines where things go from there (not your bank account, resume stats, body, etc.)?

In fact, there’s a four-letter word that shows you exactly what to do and exactly what not to do at all times to make her want you: If you do what it says, she’s yours…if you don’t, you’ll drive her away guaranteed.

He told me that a couple of years before I met him, when he was 25, he had a huge crush on this amazing girl named Vanessa…

According to Steve, she’s a dental hygienist and also volunteers her time at a summer camp for kids with cancer every summer. And, she’s Sexy, Smart, Fun, and Caring.

And, after being friends with her for months, one day Steve finally got up the courage to tell her that he liked her…

“I’m sorry Steve…You’re such a great guy but I just don’t see you that way. Don’t worry though, I’m sure you’ll make some lucky woman very happy some day.”

"Listen man, I’m a decent-looking, fairly normal guy with a good, steady job…and I really don’t have much trouble making friends with women or men…I just don’t seem to be able to spark ATTRACTION in women or make that SEXUAL connection with women that I want to make with certain women," Steve continued.

Sometimes, women banish me to the friend zone right away, almost as if I have a ‘let’s just be friends’ sign posted to my forehead…

And, every once in a while, a girl actually agrees to go out with me. Then, once we go on a couple of dates and I start thinking things are going really well with her, all of a sudden she DISAPPEARS on me without explanation…

And, I even managed to get one official girlfriend back in my college days…However, she chose me and she made all of the ‘moves…’ I really had nothing to do with it.

And, of course, she broke up with me too after a few months because she said I was ‘too boring’ and ‘too nice.’

Well, it means that Steve had a serious problem: He was unable to make women FEEL STRONG EMOTIONS for him and that made it impossible for him to attract women the way he wanted to.

And at that exact moment, Steve committed himself to learning the art of attracting women no matter the cost…

And, once he found other guys in his area that were interested in improving with women as well, he gave them a fair shot:

Steve spent some time hanging out with them – going out once a week, going to some seminars, reading the books they recommended, and even talking to a few women.

However, Steve told me, "I never liked the idea of ‘tricking’ women into anything or putting women down, I didn’t like memorizing long conversation ‘routines’ – I felt like a ROBOT, I didn’t like all the ‘cheap attention-getting tactics’ most of the guys were using, and it didn’t seem like the ‘tactics’ I learned were working with the girls I REALLY wanted."

Steve just wanted to know how to attract that girl at his office party or the coffee shop or the bar he goes to once in a while.

He read a few "relationship books" and found them mostly written from the female perspective for people who are already in relationships; he didn’t find them helpful AT ALL for building ATTRACTION.

Well, for Steve, he liked the personal development aspects of that movement, yet he just didn’t believe that GIVING UP COMPLETELY was the solution he was looking for.

Steve just wanted to attract high-quality women using his own natural style in a way that fits his personality.

He just wasn’t sure he could ever learn how to inspire intense attraction in the women he REALLY WANTS…at least without completely changing his personality or pretending to be someone he’s not.

"It sounds like you’re already pretty good at building RAPPORT with women…Now, you just need to learn to spark some ATTRACTION with women in a way that feels natural to you and you’ll be good to go."

You’d just get a guitar teacher if you wanted to learn how to play. And, if you wanted to be the best guitar player, you’d get the best guitar teacher…

So, while I can’t teach you how to play the guitar, I CAN teach you how to consistently attract women.

See, here’s the thing: There are FOUR elements involved in ALL successful interactions with women…

However, if even ONE of them is missing, you’ll completely destroy any attraction she feels for you at some point.

And, if you’re like most guys, you’re probably already good at one or two of the elements and you’re just missing the others.

So, let’s make sure you know ALL FOUR elements and exactly how to apply them with the women you’re attracted to.

So, after the conference sessions for the day were over, Steve and I went out for a beer and I explained all four of the elements of all successful interactions with women to him…

Then, the next night, we went over exactly how to apply them from the moment you meet a woman to the moment you’re kissing her and beyond.

Then, I compiled notes of our conversations and sent him summaries after the conference was over so he could keep referring to them in the future.

"Dude! It’s so strange…when I met you I couldn’t spark attraction with women for the life of me. Now, women are actually chasing me. I honestly didn’t even think that was possible… Thanks a million man. Beers on me next time you’re in town."

The four-letter word I shared with him allowed him to go from "forever friend zone… Read more…

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