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Enjoy Lasting Relationships and a Marriage Filled with Love and Intimacy

Enjoy Lasting Relationships and a Marriage Filled with Love and IntimacyCLICK IMAGE TO VISIT SITEDiscover the Relational Building Blocks You Need for Your Love Life and Start Living Your Relationship Dreams

For lasting relationships, Author Stanley J. Leffew, shows you "How To Be Wanted For a Lifetime of Nights and Not Just a Night of a Lifetime"

If one or more of the above connected with you, the following could be one of the most important letters you ever read.

You ever notice that being loved and accepted is one of the greatest longings of the human heart? Finding our heart a place to belong in this great big world within a loving, lasting relationship is heart music for the soul, and it is something every soul longs to experience in life.

How many couples live in the same house, but can’t seem to find the intimacy in their relationship that they long for? How many couples start out with a connection, but along the way find their hearts disconnected from the relationship that started out so well?

The secrets to enjoying relationships that bring joy to the heart and satisfaction to the soul don’t just magically happen. They are built! And they are built on the building blocks within the framework of a solid foundation.

But, so many couples go into their relationship with little understanding on what that foundation is that they should be building on. It is only a matter of time before their relationship takes a turn for the worse and they end up trying to survive a broken heart or desperately seeking how they can get their ex back.

The secret to great and lasting relationships is in finding out what relationship building blocks they should use to create the life and love they desire. It’s in discovering how to build LIFETIME VALUE into the person they are so their relationships can blossom, thrive and succeed.

I have emphasized that this product can help give your heart the joy it desires with a love it’s designed for. This is one product I wish was around when I needed lasting relationship advice. It would have helped me filter through all the misinformation abounding about sex, love and relationships.

Culture may throw "night of a lifetime" relationships in our face all the time, but built into the fabric of the human heart is the longing to connect and create a life together with someone.

Do you long for meaningful and lasting relationships? Is saying goodbye to loneliness something you value?

Does your heart long to hear the voice of a family of your own on the other end of the line when you call home?

Are you experiencing a peace inside that comes from knowing someone really cares about you and would miss you if something happened to you?

My name is Stanley J. Leffew. I am a loving husband and the proud father of three great little wonders that I have the privilege of hearing call me dad.

I’ve been writing successfully for years and have been granted with recognition as a "Platinum Ezine Articles Expert". My writings have been circulated for their content in ezines, showcased on thousands of websites and comprised in e-books with the writings of several other relationship enrichment authors.

I have been asked to co-author books and write professionally as a regular contributor for home and family life magazine publications.

I am just a dad trying to keep the future of his children (and yours) from becoming a place of relational confusion and misinformation. When it comes to relationships these days, we seem to know so much about heat but so little about heart.

My message helps couples build intimacy, commitment, and lasting relationships that better stand the test of time.

In a world that is selling us the sizzle and stealing from us the soul of relationships, my message shows couples how to be in relentless pursuit of one another for life.

Wouldn’t you like to better understand the man in your life and become the kind of woman he’ll adore and never want to leave?

Ladies, if you want a formula for finding love and lasting relationships that has men walking into your life instead of out of your life, GET THIS BOOK!

Guys, if you want to be a man the ladies admire and respect because of the LIFETIME VALUE you’ve added to your life, GET THIS BOOK!

Singles, if you want to get a handle on what you need to do to build "LIFETIME VALUE" into your life and relationship quest, GET THIS BOOK!

WARNING: This is not a FLUFF message. If you really want to dig deep into the heart and soul of how you can become an ATTRACTION MAGNET OF DESIGN for lasting relationships, then decide today to take a chance on this message. With thousands of people from over 80 countries each month visiting this site, you can be confident that this message is striking a chord with hearts all around the world.

"This e-book is concise and to the point. It is thought provoking and will make you ask questions of yourself. You will start to examine your own life and relationships and value them deeply. It is well written with insightful information." Ricky D., — Married 23-years / One Child Tennessee

"I lost this book to my daughter. I didn’t get it back until she had read it from cover to cover." Kathy C., — Married 20-years / Two Children Georgia

This breakthrough e-book, "How To Be Wanted For a Lifetime of Nights and Not Just a Night of a Lifetime" can help you sort through the misconceptions existing today about the body, love, sex and lasting relationships.

"Thank you so much for your e-book. It was clear and precise. Anybody can understand your message. May God bless you for offering it up! I was having a dilemma and facing a period of self – hate and low self esteem but after reading your e-book, I realized that some of my values… Read more…

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